The Fear – Lily Allen

  • May 1, 2013
  • By Claudia Rice
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Recorded May 2013.

This mix is in response to the long and lethargic winter I went through. There were a few events over those cold months that took a toll on me physically, emotionally and mentally. After a period like that, I needed to work on something that would coincide with the warm days of summer that have finally arrived; something… fun!

Wanting to work on an upbeat mix, I revisited "The Fear" (I had been trying out different ideas) and decided to try a lighter sound. I started thinking about what songs had a fun feel to them and The Pointer Sisters came to mind. After just laying down a drum track, I knew that "Jump (For My Love)" would be a great template on which to base my arrangement.

For me, the time period when "Jump" came out was so amazing. I was immediately drawn to those dance beats, drum machines, synths and soulful voices. I haven't tried doing a pop arrangement from that time period yet, so I was so excited (pun) to work on it!

So for all of you who need something fun for the summer, here is my latest mix!
Mix mastered by Chris Graham Mastering.

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