Need You Tonight – INXS

  • June 1, 2014
  • By Claudia Rice
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Recorded June 2014.

I think I have a thing for cowbell (even electronic cowbell). This is my 4th mix that has cowbell in it and I'm not doing it intentionally! That SNL skit comes to mind, “More cowbell!"

Here is INXS mixed in with Sade. INXSADE? Ask you doctor or pharmacist.

I’ve always loved “Dance Rock”. INXS did it the best. I think is has to do with energy and the aggression on top of that driving beat. Of course, Michael Hutchence had a terrific voice. He was so soulful and smooth.

And, if you’ve been listening to my other mixes, then you would know that I love Sade's style. This is the second mix I did based on one of their songs.

The vocals to this song had always seemed like they could have worked in a smoother setting, making the delivery sound a little more romantic. That was my inspiration, but I wanted it to move a little bit too.

Mix mastered by Chris Graham Mastering.

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