Love Will Never Do (Without You) [Paul Andrews Malfunkshun Reconstruction] – Janet Jackson

Recorded June/ July 2015.

Have been sitting on this mix for a while. The initial idea was there, but I never worked out the rest of the parts. I thought with all this Janet buzz going around, it would be a good idea to finally finish it.

Groove was inspired by Arif Mardin's arrangement of "Rock Steady". That was the plan, but then it took its own path (as it usually does). Went with a loose feel for the rhythm section and tried to make the rest of the "band" sound like a live section. While working out the new harmony, I wanted to emphasize the background vocals melody "Love will never doooooo ..." and turn it into a pretty section. It felt like that's where it had to go.

Hats off to Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on this classic. If you didn't know by now, Jam & Lewis are a favorite!


Mix mastered by Chris Graham Mastering.

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