Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

  • January 1, 2013
  • By Paul
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Recorded December 2012 into January 2013
Happy 2013! I wanted to start this year with a present for my husband to celebrate our 11th anniversary of when we met.
Stevie Nicks has always been one of Tom's favorite singers and this song is one of his all-time favorites. I know this because I've been shushed quite a few times when it came on the radio and he NEEDED to hear it in silence. (like he's never heard it a bazillion times before!). So when I came across these vocals I knew I had to do a mix for him.
I was a little apprehensive to do a mix because its such a classic song and I know how much it means to Tom. But then I remember that I had put a simple drum loop to "Gold Dust Woman" (my mix entitled "Gold Crust Wigwam") and he liked that. This "Dreams" mix is a little more complicated than that.
Working with the vocals was a little tricky. The tempo in the original fluctuated a lot and there was a lot of drum leakage (eeeeewww) on the vocal track. Someone had processed the vocals to take most of the backing track out, but it left the vocals a little thin. After some of tweaking (… and tweaking…), I came up with a workable solution.
There are a few reasons why this mix is a combination of Dance and New Age. Tom loves almost anything with a 4-to-the-floor and he loves New Age music. From the Stevie Nicks side of things, the club kick is there in keeping with Stevie's original intention to write something with a dance beat. I also wanted to keep the "dream" aspect of her song by using a lot of etherial synths, warm pads, reverb claps and pretty piano chords. And of course, it wouldn't be a "Paul" mix without new harmony!
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