Crazy – Seal

  • February 1, 2013
  • By Claudia Rice
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Recorded January into February 2013

So this production combines 4 of my favorite things: Seal, Sade, Trevor Horn… and coffee. I love coffee.

I recreated Sade's "Paradise" for the base of the song. I kept elements of the original "Crazy" since it worked so well with "Paradise". Both songs have a groove to them, but "Crazy" has these explosive breaks. I was trying to decide how I should approach the one break I used because I wanted to keep the Latin feel going . And look what happened: a samba has made it's way into the mix!

This song has aged so well. It still sounds modern, yet classic at the same time. I hope you enjoy my new harmony.
Mix mastered by Chris Graham Mastering.

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