Can’t Outlove This Love – Sharon Bryant

  • January 1, 2001
  • By Claudia Rice
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Recorded in 2001.

This is another song I wrote with Cynthia Biggs and was sung by Sharon Bryant (from Atlantic Starr).

The original version of the song was done around 1995 (recorded on an 8 track). This was the reinterpreted version I made after I got my computer equipment.

The original version was included on "The Cynthia Biggs Project" album. I had no idea that there was an album being compiled, and I had just finished this new mix, so I played the mix for the record company. They loved it, but since it was too late to include this version on the album, they decided to release this as the 2nd single (another one of my songs was the first single). So my new mix made it onto the 12".

Apparently, this song was played in Japan and Korea, as indicated by my ASCAP statements. So thank you whoever was playing this song!


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