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Music Work


 J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

“Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


  • "Ghosttown" - Madonna (Interscope Records)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • “Ain't No Man” – Strict Love featuring Zan  (Pop Fidelity)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • “Can’t Outlove This Love” – Sharon Bryant (F.E.R.)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Musician
  • “Whole” – Sharon Bryant (F.E.R.)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Musician
  • “No One Like You” – Sharon Bryant (F.E.R.)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Musician
  • "Fire Island” (From the Image Group Entertainment film “Fire Island”)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Musician
  • “Don’t Get Better Than This” (From the Image Group Entertainment film “Fire Island”)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Musician
  • “Dance With Me” (Jazz Version) - Ron Perkov (Arpee Music)
    • Producer/Musician
  • “Diamonds Are Forever” - Ron Perkov (Arpee Music)
    • Producer/ Musician
  • “If I Was A River” - Tina Arena (Epic Records)
    • Remixer/ Musician (2 versions)
  • “Don’t Let This Moment End” - Gloria Estefan (Epic Records) Grammy nominated song
    • Remixer/ Musician (3 versions)
  • Reflection” (from “Mulan”) - Vanessa Mae (Work for Phil Ramone)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • “Get It Back Together” - mini-king (N2K Encoded Records)
    • Remixer/ Musician (3 versions) - Executive Producer: Phil Ramone
  • “Take Your Heartache Away” - Karel (Jellybean Records)
    • Producer/ Remixer/ Musician (3 versions)
  • “Sweet Mercy Me” - Kristine W. (Champion/RCA)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • “Self Control” - Ron Perkov (Arpee Music/ Hush Entertainment)
    • Producer/ Musician
  • “Show Me Love” - Robyn (RCA)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • "Funky” - Ron Perkov (Arpee Music)
    • Producer/ Musician
  • “It Doesn’t Matter” - Ron Perkov (Arpee Music)
    • Producer/ Musician
  • “Rhythm Of Love” - DJ Company (Crave/ Epic)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • “Dance With Me” - Ron Perkov (Arpee Music)
    • Producer/ Musician
  • “Stay Another Day” - Intrigue (GRG/ MCA/ Universal)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • “Peace Train” - Dolly Parton (Flip It! Records)
    • Remixer/ Musician (2 versions - 1 credited)
  • “Live, Love, Dance” - Ron Perkov (Arpee Music/ Hush Entertainment)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Musician
  • “If You Really Love Me” - Lonnie Gordon (Flip It! Records)
    • Remixer/ Musician
  • “Shine The Light” - Main Squeeze (Vinyl Mania Records)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Remixer/ Musician
  • “More Than A Memory” - Three Of Hearts (Cutting Records)
    • Producer/ Writer/ Musician
  • Cruising For Bruising (Paul Andrews Deluxe Edition Reconstruction) - Basia
  • Living For Love (Paul Andrews Mix) - Madonna
  • Lights (Paul Andrews Mix) - Ellie Goulding
  • What Have I Done To Deserve This (Paul Andrews Mix) - Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield
  • Need You Tonight (Paul Andrews Mix) - INXS
  • Frozen (Cocktail Mix: Paul Andrews Thaw-out Samba) - Madonna
  • I Want Your Love (Paul Andrews Foreign Move Mix) - Jody Watley
  • Rain (Paul Andrews Free Rein Mix) - Madonna
  • Loved Me Back To Life (Paul Andrews Mix) - Celine Dion
  • Spotlight (Paul Andrews Mix) - Jennifer Hudson
  • I'm Gonna Love Ya (Paul Andrews Production) - Princess
  • Rolling In The Deep (Paul Andrews Reality Groove Mix) - Adele
  • The Fear (Paul Andrews Breakout Mix) - Lily Allen
  • Dancing On My Own (Paul Andrews Streetlight Mix) - Robyn
  • I Can't Go For That  (Paul Andrews Mix) - Hall & Oates
  • Lucky Star (Paul Andrews Mix) - Madonna
  • Crazy (Paul Andrews Paradise Production) - Seal
  • Dreams ((Paul Andrews Morning After Mix)- Fleetwood Mac
  • Someone Like You (Paul Andrews Swing Out Mama Mix) - Adele
  • Personal Jesus (Paul Andrews Fleetwood-Frapp Glam Mix) - Depeche Mode
  • Slow (Paul Andrews Samba Lounge Mix)- Kylie
  • Driving (Paul Andrews B Good 2 Me Mix) - Everything But The Girl
  • Relax (Paul Andrews Mix) - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • Rumour Has It (Paul Andrews Mix) - Adele
  • Set Fire To The Rain (Paul Andrews 80's R-N-B Remix) - Adele
  • I'm A Fire (Paul Andrews Mix) - Donna Summer
  • Love Will Save The Day (Paul Andrews Mix) - Whitney Houston
  • Just Fine (Paul Andrews Mix) - Mary J. Blige


A little musical history

I can't remember a time when music wasn't a part of my life. In my earliest memories, I see my mom loading up the record player with 45's. She would play every kind of music and we would all sing along, wrong words and all.

When I was old enough, I started manning the record player myself (and to my mom’s dismay, load the 45 auto spindle capsule beyond it’s limit!), making my own “mix” tapes complete with DJ banter in between songs. Even at that age I was instantly attracted to female vocalists.

When I got older and started collecting music, I started listening to the way a song was put together. Of course, the singers and musicians always mattered, but there was another aspect that got my attention: the production. I started hearing the same music in different ways. Part of my brain would enjoy it like it usually did, while another part would be analyzing it. After a while, it was second nature to have figure out the chord progressions in my head.


My instrumental education started when I was around 4 years old. My mom offered to get piano lessons for my brother and me. I can still remember how my feet would dangle while sitting on the bench. My piano teach was hardcore! If we didn’t keep our hands nice and curved, she would get out this enormous sewing needle and keep it under our wrists while we played. Let’s just say that she didn’t have to remind me often!

In elementary school, I learned how to play guitar and clarinet and sang lead in a show. This started me in my band, orchestra and choir experience. I switched over to saxophone in junior high school and started jazz band. I continued playing jazz in high school and started a few new instruments: bassoon, flute and string bass.

There was one day in high school that stands out for me: I remember my band director was sitting at the piano playing some jazz, and he landed on a dissonant chord. He stared at me, his face mirroring the dissonance of the chord, his right shoulder raise up, waiting to relax when the notes resolved. I looked right at him and said “E7 #9”. All the tension dropped from his body, his hand fell off the keys while he continued to stare at me. “You know what chord that was without looking at the keys?”, he said. I replied that I did, wondering why he asked. After about 10 minutes of naming every note and chord he played, he told me that I had “perfect pitch”. I had never heard of that before and didn’t know that it was uncommon for people to hear exactly what notes were being played without a reference.

In college, I started taking composition lessons, voice lessons and arranging classes, adding oboe to the list of instruments I played. After it was suggested that I purchase my own bassoon (let’s just say that I didn’t see my future in “bassoon”), I decided to switch majors from Music Education to Music Theory and Composition with a concentration in Vocal Performance.

After college, I continued with music, working on local projects in the DC area. This brought me to the Winter Music Conference where I met a lot of nice people in the industry. One of them was Dwayne Alexander who worked for ASCAP. He loved my style and wanted me to write with some other writers in New York.

So, In the early part of 1993, I moved to New York. Dwayne had moved from ASCAP over to Polygram Publishing and continued to pair me up with different writers. Eventually, I had a developer publishing deal with Polygram all ready for contract, but there was a reorganization in the company and Dwayne was let go, along with all of his deals.

I started doing keyboard work and songwriting around town. I fell into a remixing project which started me along that path. That early part of my career culminated doing work directly for Phil Ramone. I did serval remixes for him. My favorite part of working for Phil was when we would meet to go over my mixes. He would listen all the way through, then go back to certain parts and ask me what chords I used and how I was able to go back into the key. We were two musicians talking craft. His label, N2K Encoded Music, was sold off to another company and many of the acts were dropped from the label. Some of my mixes were release on promotional pressings.

At that point, I took a break from music. It was hard finding enough work to pay for all my expenses, so I went to get a “real” job. I landed in a good position at a good company. I got to use my other talents with computers and have been very happy there.

in 2012, I received sad news that my friend Dwayne had been savagely killed. This upset me so much and I didn’t know how to settle my feelings. I decided to do a mix for him in the style that first attracted him to my sound, believing that his spirit would hear it. I really enjoyed working on it and was pleased with the outcome. After posting it online, I started receiving a lot of positive comments, which encouraged me to continue with another mix… and another mix...

Paul and Madonna

This time music was different for me. Since I wasn’t doing work for anyone specifically, I felt free to try whatever I wanted to do. I experimented and let my creativity take me where it wanted to go. I tried different styles of music to study different production techniques and found that I was learning more with each mix.

And in taking this new approach with my production along with the power of social media, I’ve been able to reach and connect with many of the people who I’ve always admired. I felt honored that my some of my idols took the time to listen to my work and even share it with their friends and followers. This meant so much to me.
I consider this part of my musical journey a more honest representation of who I am, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!
Albert Einstein

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

Albert Einstein


Listed below are some of the major influences in my musical journey. I would have included a section for performers, but there are way too many to list! There have been some great singers and instrumentalists that have really captured special moments in time. Some can do it consistently, while others might have had one instance, but I appreciate them all.

(Please note that these lists are not final. I know I'll be adding onto them once I realize I've left someone off!)


David Foster
George Duke
Giorgio Moroder
Greg Kurstin
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Keith Thomas
Mike Peden
Narada Michael Walden
Nellee Hooper
Paul O'Duffy
Phil Ramone
Quincy Jones
Richard Perry
Trevor Horn
Walter Affenassieff


Annie Lennox
Basia/ Danny White
Brenda Russell
Burt Bacharach
Carly Simon
Daryl Hall
David Foster
Dave Stewart
Deborah Harry
Donna Summer
Fleetwood Mac
George Harrison
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
John Farrar
Kate Bush
Kenny Loggins
Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil
Neil Finn
Oleta Adams
Rod Temperton
Swing Out Sister
Tears For Fears
The Bird And The Bee
Wendy & Lisa


Brothers in Rhythm
David Morales
Shep Pettibone
Steve Anderson


Antonio Carlos Jobim
Claude Debussy
Cole Porter
Francis Polenc
Frédéric Chopin
John Barry
Scott Joplin
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Here's a little bit about my non-musical life.



I've been happily married to my best friend, Tom, since 2008.



We have two beautiful dogs named Dudlee and Beaux Bo. Both are so sweet.



I love animals. Have always had a thing for Koalas.



I have a degree in Music Theory & Composition.



Love wine, whites more the reds.



As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a superhero.



I find technology fascinating, especially Apple products.



I'm addicted to volleyball. There; I said it.

Thank You

I believe in helping people and allowing people to help you in return. The only way we can all grow and move forward is by helping each other. Anyone who says that he or she has done everything “all by myself” doesn’t understand how things work. Others have undoubtedly helped along the way. We are constantly being influenced. We are constantly interacting. Even the smallest word can have such a deep impact on a person.
There is a core group of people who have always supported me and my music. They've encouraged me when I needed it, given me constructive criticism to get the best out of me, and have done all the they could to help promote my music. I've always felt the sincerity behind their words and actions. 
Graciela Rice - Claudia Rice - William Rice - Tom Bedron - Michael Paoletta - Larry Flick - Dwayne Alexander


Old friends and new! From those who I directly worked with to those who gave me words of encouragement. I may have forgotten to mention some, so... how does that saying go? "Blame my head, not my heart."

Adam Clough - Bill Coleman - Danny White - Doug Mountain - Frank Ceraolo - George Domurot - Gmo Rice - Orlando Puerta - Phil Ramone - Richard “Biff” Stannard - Robin Putt - Shep Pettibone - Steve Anderson - Toni C. - Cynthia Biggs - Jerel Black - Wayne Rooks


And a few shout-outs to the artists, songwriters and/or producers who have liked my work and help spread the word on the internets!

Adam Clough - Andy Connell - Basia - Brenda Russell - Danny White - Jimmy Jam - Jody Watley - Kylie - Lisa Coleman - Madonna - Mike Stock - Nile Rodgers - Princess - Richard “Biff” Stannard - Sebastian Arocha Morton - Shep Pettibone - Steve Anderson


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